Sticky Records – From the website of the defunct London based 45 reissue record label.


This is a blog of rescued information from the website of the now defunct London based 45 reissue record label.


The label ran from 2005 until 2015 and released five reissued titles on the seven inch vinyl format.

These are the titles in reverse order of release, all with original text from the labels website

 (A)  Wild Fire          (B)  Wild Fire : Alternate Take 

Hand numbered & limited to 400 copies worldwide.   A long lost, circa 1970 New Jersey recording from Larry Young Jr. & Harold Martin.  A rather special & quite simply – such a beautiful piece of Jazz music.   Hopelessly obscure on an original 45.

Read on for the full licensing story & the mystery surrounding this legendary smokin’ session below.

Wild Fire – ‘Something that acts quickly and intensely.  ‘A luminosity that appears over swamps or marshes at night’.    Online literal dictionary references maybe, but they sure seem to be evocative of the sounds on our latest reissue 45.

It is with pride & humility that Sticky Records presents you with this spiritual, optimistic & beautiful recording.  At Sticky Records we see our reissues as musical preservations and we have previously issued recordings that we have found on vinyl over the years but this project was slightly different.   We are not the greatest contributors to the world of musical forums, blogs and social networking sites but of course like everyone else we look and listen and a fair few years ago we found a listing with a sound file of this track in the record reviews section on Waxidermy.

The music blew me away.   I presume, like many who had seen the listing,  tried to track an original copy of the 45 down – seemingly impossible.   Something that really sparked my imagination was the reference on the original 45 that stated “from the Concerto Black Fantasy”.  There weren’t any citation’s for this online, but could there really be a tape somewhere with a whole concerto from this session? Sticky Records first ever LP reissue?  –  just a maybe ? Then, we began the initial and as it turned out, very long process of tracking down the respective parties with a view to eventual licensing.      

My thank you’s at the footers of these pages are of course, always sincere but especially so on this occasion as without their very kind assistance this project would have never come to fruition, (and some dogged determination on our part). Larry Young Jr. had sadly passed away in 1978 but we eventually located and had the pleasure of liaising with Harold Martin.   

Memories from the original session are at best scant & very vague, we are unable to provide you with a list of band musicians and we are also unable to confirm  the existence of the extended session ‘Black Fantasy’, in fact it probably never materialised into a recorded session – Harold definitely does not remember any such gathering.   Not the first time a small independent release had ideas and plans past it’s initial session.   The named producer and publishing contact Ben Tate had obviously chosen to quote the ideology of an LPs work on the original label.

So, not only were we unable to locate the full works, but Harold was also not in possession of any tapes or masters from this particular session.  Ben Tate had long deceased, but Harold was very keen for this project to go ahead and witness the Wild Fire ignited again.

So back to the original forum posting…..  Breck (aka Soul_Hawk) an American record collector, enthusiast, DJ  and all round amiable character came to the rescue with a transfer from the original vinyl 45 : maybe the only known original 45 in existence?.. and it is with his help that we were able to minimally remaster and make this recording available again.

At this juncture it needs mentioning that this, like many reissue projects,  has been remastered from the original vinyl and whilst every effort was taken to make this as clean as it could possibly be, we decided not to alter the recording in any way other than to de-noise by removing any present clicks & pops.

So please be aware that our reissue 45 is not audio perfection (just musically!) but is by far the cleanest copy you are likely to ever find.   We tinkered with compression, filters and further noise reduction but they all took away some of the original warmth or drive, so in this case less was definitely more.  Nicely pressed on virgin 45 vinyl.

We generally don’t over review our released music, it’s for the listener to dictate its qualities, we are obviously devoted to what we release and we hope you are too.  Similarly we don’t take on the tasks of lengthy artist biographies’ (unless available information is a rarity) and in this instance where we are dealing with a musical titan of the magnitude such as Larry Young,  I shall leave this to the various and excellent musical sources out there.    Please do read his about his life, especially the moving anecdotal references to Larry Young Jr’s personal life.   On Young’s work here he lyrically dominates but with a sensitive understatement & soulful experimentalism.


For an extensive & touching biography please see Guy Sterling’s marvelous contribution  HERE
For the official web site of Larry Young please see HERE which includes a very detailed biography HERE
For the Larry Young Jazz Foundation please see HERE
For Larry Young’s Son’s new venture, ‘Larry Young’s Jazz Club & Lounge’ please see HERE     


Later on in the proceedings we managed to locate and had the pleasure to talk with Larry Young’s Son, namely Larry Young III & I recommend you view his website dedicated to his father’s music.  Good luck with the Newark NJ Jazz Club venture.

As for Mr. Martin the pianist, he has been involved in music for most of his life, he was an organist and choir Director at Bethel Presbyterian Church for many years.   He received his bachelor of music degree from Harvard University and masters degree in music from Jersey City State college and studied composition at the Juilliard School of Music.  He has performed in the Carnegie Recital Hall as well as The Apollo Theatre in New York and Symphony Hall in Newark.   I’ve also heard touching stories from Michael Goncharko who at one point managed Harold Martin.  ” I think it all started in the early 70’s, my Newark apartment was near his and I found myself sitting outside of his door listening to him practice”.

Your help and contribution….we’d really love to hear from you even if just to say you have a copy of the original 45.    Especially if you have information relating to the session or maybe you were you one of the musicians, if so please do get in touch.   (For example, we would very much like to be able to update this page with who provided that driving Conga line).   We have even had a bit of difficulty in placing all the instruments used – feel free to drop us an email to suggest  the type of keyboard Larry played here, is that a Soprano Sax we hear, a Melodica even? or maybe it’s Larry’s management of the stops on the organ which produces those ethereal, drifting effects.

We would also love to hear from you if you have any other information relating to another possible recording from Harold & Larry,  apparently recorded around the same time entitled  ‘Massawa Uhuru“, maybe ala the mysterious Black Fantasy Concerto – never recorded.Thanks for reading this far.   There’s an incendiary 45 device for you on the front page!   Wild Fire.With special thanks to:
Breck (aka Soul Hawk), Guy Sterling, Michael Goncharko, Larry Young III, Rev. Doris Glaspy, Georgianna Williams, June Lockett, Ross Anderson, Tom Dice & Gerry the Soundman.

…and of course to the beautiful soul that is Mr. Harold Martin & all of the original band members:  A very big thank you.
With thanks & rest peacefully :  Mr. Larry Young Jr. (also known as Khalid Yasin and born as Larry John McCoy).

The original London House 45
JEWEL BASS  –  I Tried it & I Liked it  (A)

RICHARD STOUTE –  What Bag I’m in (B)

An astounding and until now a very obscure 1973 Sister Funk cut from the Southern American Soul legend that is Jewel Bass, backed with a very seldom seen side of stunning & pounding male vocal lead Funky Soul out of early 70s Barbados from the man Richard Stoute.  Loud pressed vinyl, ready for the DJ’s and collectors alike.   Please read on for the full release background.

Jewel Bass – This track just had to be reissued on 45.    Without doubt the rarest 45 from the legendary label out Jackson, Mississippi that is Malaco records.    Many collectors may assume that claim should be paired with the Patterson Twins super rare single,  a very highly prized and priced collector’s piece of superior quality, but that release does on occasion surface into the buyers market.    The same cannot be said  of “I tried it and I liked it”.   I really do doubt that it is owned by more than just a few within the world of Soul & Funk collectors & DJs.

I first heard this track in the early 1990s Manchester (UK) and right from hearing the opening boom of THAT bassline I have been on the hunt for a ever since and very illusive it proved to be indeed.     Lady luck shined down on me only very recently when I managed to secure an original copy, albeit a slightly crackly one.     But here it is, remastered, loud cut and available for those quick enough to bag a limited edition copy.

Jewel Bass has, under her own name released several sought after Funk and Soul 45s, but it is the sum of her work as a backing singer that has seen her acknowledged as “Mississippi’s most recorded voice”.Due to the span of decades and sheer amount of releases that she has been associated with we will not attempt to write a musical biography for her, but rest assured Jewel has sung on hundreds of records by dozens of artists.   For example:  Johnny Taylor, Bobby Bland, B.B. King, Little Milton, Lou Rawls, King Floyd and more recently Cassandra Wilson.  

She is currently part of a band called “These Days”.    She seriously knows how to sing Soul, Jazz and R&B.

Rightly recognised as a formidable talent and indeed a ‘Rhythm & Blues Diva’ with notable record sales to support this claim but for one reason or another, this supreme side has remained largely unknown.   There are many similar tales of Soul recordings comparable to the immediate class of ‘ I tried it and I liked it” that equally could have gone onto the dizzy heights of commercial success & this track is a stunning example of that.

Just compare the original sales of this 45 and say Jean Knight’s multi million seller ‘Mr. Big Stuff’.    This track just could have been that successful.    Both tracks have a similar heritage and that certain groove and Jewel even cut her own version which was not released at the time!

The Masters for this Recording have only recently been discovered in the archives at Malaco,  there has been a compilation CD featuring this track released before now and even that was lovingly restored and remastered from the same 45 that I heard twenty plus years ago.

So finally we have this supreme sister funk groove, remastered, loud pressed and legitmately issued again on a vinyl 45.    Hey, seriously now – don’t miss this one, it’s special.  Try it…….

With special thanks to:

Stewart Madsion, Tommy Couch & Kent Bruce of Malaco Recordings.    The ‘Age of Aquarius Band’.  DJ Dean and as always in our credits, last but by no means least, with huge appreciation:  Jewel Bass.  RIP: Wardell Quezergue

The original Malaco 45 release.

Richard Stoute – By no means a track of true B-Side values,  Sticky Records presents to you a recording of high calibre & a supreme piece of early 70s Barbados Soul.   In 1971 Richard Stoute was the winner of a Caribbean Soul contest and was crowned ‘The Caribbean Soul King’ and since then he has become a veteran singer, promoter, even attributed by some as being a Godfather of Barbadian entertainment & a recipient of many  music related awards and civic accolades.Best known nowadays for his longstanding (30 years) “Richard Stoute Teen Talent Contest” in Barbados and being an inspiration to many aspiring Bajan youth.

Richard was founding member of ‘The Opels’, has also contributed vocal duties to the legendary ‘Blue Rhythm Combo’ & has released numerous singles, his own LP and has also been featured on compilations and reissues.  But this release is the first since it’s small quantity original pressing.Richard was founding member of ‘The Opels’, has also contributed vocal duties to the legendary ‘Blue Rhythm Combo’ & has released numerous singles, his own LP and has also been featured on compilations and reissues.

But this release is the first since it’s small quantity original pressing.This track from 1971 (possibly 1972) was originally released on the TREX label and as far as the numerous contacts I have now made in Barbados the recollection is of that the accompanying musicians were provided by a three-man band led by, Lloyd Wilson, Jr. on keyboards; Belle Small on Bass;  Ronnie Cumberbatch on Drums and of course Richard Stoute delivering those distinct vocal tones. Lloyd and Ronnie formerly played in one of the island’s leading bands – “Lloyd Wilson & the Fantastics”  their musical style was said to be similar in feel to Booker T & the MGs’.

Lloyd was considered then to be the best keyboardist anywhere on the island – just killer at the keys and pedals of a Hammond Organ.    We haven’t been able to establish who the horn section was.   Track written by Mr. Sach Moore.The Trex Label was owned by legendary West Indies Records Ltd (WIRL) and nearly all of their files, history and master recordings were destroyed in a fire many years ago,  this also saw WIRL’s demise.     This has by far been the longest licensing journey travelled,  taking over a year to complete.

Sticky Records are proud to locate and liaise with the original artists, songwriters, band members and sometimes establishing rights to these vintage relatively small scale local releases can be a long winded process.      And when the Master Recordings have been lost forevever it is also with pride that we present this recording and help along in its musical preservation.   What bag are you in?

With special thanks to:  Phillip Best & staff at Caribbean Records (Barbados).
The songwriter Sach Moore.   Merle Niles.   Reeco Butcher.

…and of course to Mr. Richard Stoute & the original band members:  A very big thank you.
The original TREX 45 release
GRUPO AFRICA  –  Kila Kila  (A)

BLACK PEPPER –  You Keep Running Out of Gas (B)

An aptly named EXPLOSIVE 70s Dub Reggae club cut of gigantic proportions that has deeper roots than it’s credited heritage.   Backed with a more or less previously unknown piece of late 60s Female vocal lead Funky Soul par excellence.  Another first ever 45 release from Sticky Records for the ‘Black Pepper’ track: Essential!

BLACK PEPPER – Information on the band and the track is very scant indeed.   It does not appear to have been released around the time of recording (admittedly I am guessing when I say late 60s,  it could be anytime up to mid 70s)  the track only first surfaced on a very small manufacture run from an independent Californian based record label on a 12″ in 1991.     The same track was on both sides and it just looked, sounded & was of a length which said this should really be a 7 inch.The track is written, produced and arranged by Roger Hatcher, a man born in 1940s Alabama, who came from a family steeped in soulful heritage.

His cousin was Edwin Starr and his brother was the soulful legend Willie Hatcher, both siblings have been responsible for numerous notable additions to the recorded world of Soul music as: writers, producers, managers, arrangers and so much more.   Will continues to be engrossed in music and is currently involved in and formulating many soulful projects.Roger, sadly passed away relatively recently and it is through contact with Will Hatcher that Sticky Records was able to secure the rights to make this soulful gem available again on vinyl and on that beloved of formats – the 45.

Details about the session and the master tapes have not been located (if any still exist!), the label is no longer in business.   I can only guess when I say that this may have been a part finished project (Black Pepper only appear to have recorded this single song)  intended for release at the time but for whatever reason, shelved and then stumbled across at  a later date with astonishment.There is also the chance that the release could have been hampered  by the lyrical content as it may not have been seen as appropriate by the conservative radio of the time.

This is not the most common of topics for a soul side,  we don’t have wails and tales of heartbreak, infidelity and separation or indeed political comment or just plain joy, she vocalises a complaint in no uncertain terms about how her man has ran out of gas (again) when she plainly needs more!    She puts her side of the story across concisely.   “You ought to see a Doctor and see what’s wrong”!     Tough.I also haven’t even been able to find the name of the female vocalist as she is uncredited –  But what a voice.  WHAT A VOICE  – and indeed what a band. So, not much of a story to offer, any contributions would be most appreciated,  but for now we can let the music speak for itself.

First ever 45 worldwide release – Don’t miss this one.With a special thank you to:  Firstly – Mr Will Hatcher – it’s been a great pleasure and I hope we can continue to work together.  Allan Mawdsley for the remastering, an excellent London based sound engineer and to The Sound Safe Studio, London.Black Pepper the band.   Super Bad Music,  Adamant Music and Golden Wax Records.  Ralph Tee of Expansion Records.  Roger Hatcher, Rest in Peace and thank you for your contributions to the world of music.

GRUPO AFRICA – One of the heaviest dubs ever laid to wax.    Pressed on a loud 45.  This is of course Errol Thompson & Joe Gibbs with ‘Chapter Three’.  Don’t delay – as with all our releases this is a limited issue & is very unlikely to be repressed, so bag yourself a revived 10 ton slab of wax now.    Kila !

Joel A. Gibson, better known as Joe Gibbs, was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica in the early 1940s and became involved in the business of music from expanding his TV Repair Shop to sell Records in the late 1960s.His output spans a large part of Jamaica’s musical history, from the early days of rocksteady right through to 1980s dancehall, he was responsible for many a hit record and is rightly regarded as a musical legend.

The early 1970’s saw Gibbs pair up with the sound engineer Errol Thompson & they eventually become known as the Mighty Two.  This recording has it’s roots in Jacob Miller’s “Baby I Love You So” which is the vocal to the “Cassava Piece” rhythm & then brought to a stunning new height with the almighty dub of “King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown”.Then late in the 1970s it was versioned over by Joe Gibbs and Errol Thompson as “Chapter Three”-  This was the title track of “African Dub Chapter Three” which was part of the sucessful African Dub series, containing updated recuts of vintage rhythms.Credits from the original “African Dub” LP session that brought us “Chapter Three” aka “Kila Kila”Mixed by Errol Thompson at Joe Gibbs.

Rhythms played by Professionals at Joe Gibbs’  Produced by Joe Gibbs & Errol Thompson.

Re-mix Engineer: E.T. & Joe Gibbs Recorded at Joe Gibbs Recording Studio – Kingston Jamaica in 1978.

Drums: Sly Dunbar; Bass:   Lloyd Parks & Robbie Shakespear.   Guitar: Eric “Bingy Bunny” Lamont & Winston “Bo Pee” Bowen.

Piano: Franklyn Waul & Errol Nelson; Organ: H. Buttler & Franklyn Waul & Errol Tarzan Nelson.

Percussion: Uziah “Sticky” Thompson & Ruddy Thomas.

Trumpet: Bobby Ellis; Tenor Sax: Tommy McCook; Alto Sax: Herman Marques; Trombone: Vin Gordon.

So, don’t miss this deep, dark rhythm counterpointed by the rock solid drum and bass core that simply borders on the awe-inspiring.

With a Special thank you to:   All the staff at Discos Fuentes Columbia, but especially to Maria Patricia Velasquez C, The Archive Department and Mr. Rafael Mejia,  you have all been such a pleasure to deal with.

Rest in Peace Joe Gibbs.   Rest in Peace Errol Thompson.

Full Size
 The Columbian Fuentes Release.
 Cosas de Manteca  (A)        Gozando el Timbal  (B)

INCREDIBLE PURE RHYTHM – The first ever 45 release for these two slices of heavyweight & obscure 1970s Afro-Cuban Percussion.  Cosas de Manteca is an impeccable example of Latin Funk.   The best tracks from this iconic figure of Cuban Percussion’s very rare LP on a loud 45 for DJs – Perfect.

Percussionists who were lucky enough to witness Manteca play the bongos with this group, relate tales of an enormous man who could ignite a near riot by simply coming forward from the rhythm section to the front of the stage playing wild rhythms that became more and more complex as the audience cheered him on.

Lazaro Pla, known as Manteca, was a master “bongosero” who first rose to fame in 1940s Cuba when he was a featured attraction with the great pianist and composer Ernesto Lecouna and the renowned Cuban Boys, a leading exponent of the Cuban musical wave who gained international recognition and subsequently toured the globe.

Although Manteca is found on many recordings originating from Cuba, only a very small amount of material exists of him as a featured soloist or as the leader of a small combo.

These famed sessions took place in the United States – Miami to be exact, sometime in the early 1970s. This was a very unique session indeed as two other Cuban expatriates join Manteca in the studio – two of his early admirers who grew up listening to his rhythms: master percussionists Carlos “Patato” Valdes and the amazing Nelson “Flaco” Padron producing these two of the finest examples of incendiary Cuban percussion ever recorded.    The remainder of this session’s musicians are unquoted.  (I’ve heard it suggested that the legendary Cachao could be on bass but this remains unconfirmed and personally I think unlikely).

These rare recordings originate from the legendary Miami based Sound Triangle label & were issued on 3 different labels – many of which had issues with play back quality, thus the world of recorded Cuban percussion is far richer for the vinyl  45 preservation of these two remastered recordings and your chance to hear a true master in session.Limited Edition loud pressed vinyl  – first time ever 45 release.   Don’t miss.

With special thanks to:  Rama Bawick and all at EMG and of course to Lazaro Pla, Nelson ‘Flaco’ Padron and Carlos ‘Patato’ Valdes’ & band members.    Manteca background history and text in the above liner notes used with permission – sincere thanks to Roger Kash.

Manteca recordings licensed courtesy of Essential Media Group LLC

Stagger Walk (A)             In The Alley  (B)

Sticky Records first release! – Two instrumentals by the Fabulous Capris, for the known history of this mysterious band, please read further.


2009 update: Since the Sticky Records reissue of the Fabulous Capris 45 back in 2005 I’ve been very lucky to have made contact with three of the band members.   It’s been a great pleasure to talk with them, hear some of the old stories, find out what they are now up to musically and to clarify and correct some of the previously posted information.

Firstly – huge respect to all the band members, namely:   Ronald Curry (Bass), Tommy Dawson (Drums), Chris Lynwood (Guitar), and Wesley Dennis (Keyboards), with their Manager Willie Harris – they were Fabulous Capris.  They hailed from Denison, East Texas USA & information on them and their recordings was until now, very hard to come by.

Quite a notable update is that the Fabulous Capris are the same band as the Fabulous Caprices, Stagger Walk was their first release and the band went through a name change only as a result of a typographical error on their Camaro label second release.   This was called “Groovy World’ and also went on to become an acknowledged Funk 45 classic, original copies have always exchanged hands for lots of Dollars and this track has also been compiled in Europe.  (more on the topic of unofficial releases from unscrupulous parties later!)

L-R  Wesley Dennis (keyboards) Willie Harris (Manager) and Chris Lynwood (Lead Singer / Guitar)

We were both digging deep for funk 45s around this time & Dean first played this out at one of our ‘it’s early doors – what new records you found this week?’ sessions.   The way the breakdown on this heavy monster of a track just keeps coming back in put it firmly on the wants list.   So on with the hunt for this elusive 45 I went….no chance! – it took me 10 years before I could actually track a copy down &  this came from a northern soul dealer in the UK who probably had this ‘oddity’ as surplus. (maybe sold all those years ago as part of one of Soul Bowl’s infamous soul 45 packs?)

Up until the point I re-released this 45 I had only seen a copy for sale on two occasions (in fourteen years).   So, realising it’s true rarity,  I decided to do some research which eventually lead me to bring this amazing piece of music out again for release.


Scans from the original Domino Label release.

Gene Summers is an artist of acclaimed underground fame and has been responsible for many musical ventures over the last 40 years-largely in the field of Rock and Roll.  In 1968 he founded Domino Records as an outlet for his own recordings and had also set up his own publishing company: Silicon Productions in 1962.  In 1970 he was sent a tape of these two recordings by the manager of the Fabulous Capris and he decided to help the fledgling band out and issue it on his Domino Record label,  this was the only R&B / Funk venture for the label.   All dealings were done through the post, he never met the band or saw them perform live.

I then managed to make contact with Gene through Phil York – both of whom have been so helpful in bringing this project to fruition I cannot thank them enough.   (although we did start off on a bit of a bad foot!) but I have to say that they are both such consummate and seasoned music professionals and have been a real pleasure to work with.Luckily Gene still had the original ¼ inch master tape which we attempted to re-master directly from, but regrettably quality had deteriorated and then Phil with his York Town Production Company and their technical knowledge came through with this amazing re-master from Gene’s last remaining & personal copy of the 45.

Stagger Walk and In the Alley were recorded at what was described at the time as being ‘a funky egg-crate rigged, little 12 track studio’ –  namely: Brian’s Recording Studio Studio in Tyler, Texas in 1970 and then released on March 15, 1971 on Gene’s Garland based ‘Domino’ label as #105,  only 250 copies were pressed in total and most of these were sold by the Fabulous Capris themselves direct from the bandstand in the venues they played.  The band had radio airplay in East Texas and across a few other States.  It is no wonder that copies of this recording have remained so elusive, but off the topic of vinyl for just a second to ponder what a privilege it would have been to have seen this hot band play these two tracks live back in the day…!

The first console: – From The history of Robin Hood Studio

Studio recording note from the 1970 session

The original 1/4 inch master tape

The vast majority of information previously published was in fact correct.   They really were a fledgling band in 1971, they had started to play together in 7th Grade and some members were only 18 at the time of recording, but wow did they know how to write and indeed play!    Ronald and Tommy are still passionate for and engrossed in music to this day,  Ronald plays in the Sherman and Denison local areas in a seven piece band called the Texoma Gospel Saints and Tommy plays more heavily on the blues nowadays, in fact as I type I excitedly await a package of his latest works.

Stagger Walk was also issued as a B-Side to a ‘Ricky Ringside’ track, renamed as “Moon Dog Walk” and issued on Front Row Records (A Domino Records associated label) and was used as a theme music for a famous 60s / 70s Wrestler who went by the name of Moon Dog Mayne.

L-R Wesley Dennis, Chris Lynwood, Clyde Parker, Tommie Dawson
& Ms. Smith

Back to 2009 and after speaking with Tommy, Ron and Wesley it has transpired that their 2nd recording “Groovy World” which was featured on a UK compilation of dubious legality in the early 1990s does not appear to have been formally licensed.   I have since made contact with the original issuer and attempts to morally resolve this issue was meant with aversion.    I maybe should, but I won’t name names here but I am sure of the fact that many of you know who I speak of.  They are no longer a Limited Company & this appears to be now unresolvable.

The same track was also issued more recently in Europe on a CD compilation and after managing to track down the compiler and issuer it transpires that some finances and royalties have been set aside for the band.  On their behalf I am now trying to finally locate and distribute some payments, so 38 years later it’s fingers crossed for the bands dues! – I’ll update the site with any news…

Photo Credits:
Kindly supplied by band member Wesley Dennis.   Neither photo offers a full band line up as per the Sticky Records released recordings. Ronald Curry is the only member not in either photo – he replaced Clyde Parker on Bass in the band for Stagger Walk & In the Alley.

With thanks to:  Gene Summers, Phil York, Dean Johnson and to hisknibs for designing the original Sticky people artwork all those years ago.  And of course to all of The Fabulous Capris, I hope we stay in touch and I sincerely wish you all the best.

That concludes the historical release details from Sticky Records (

Thank you for reading, I hope you found something of interest.

The vinyl releases can still be found with some on-line retailers, physical shops and you could also try contacting the label with requests at and most of the catalogue can also be purchased as downloads.


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